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Danke Dario für den Tip!

INUKA SASA (rise now) is the new coop between cifefa, nyendo & supernova, excited!

At the airport on my way to a 2 week networking and organizational trip to Nairobi, setting up the next workshop and overall strategy. So excited!

Dear Love School Community! This is a call for action!

Susanne Stauch has to go to Kenya end of September to organize the next workshops and projects, bring together initiatives and do a lot of local research to prepare for a big Train-the-Trainer workshop in February 2018 that will of course include the Love School. We want to scale what we did with this project AND integrate our second project, that focused on urban, local food production and hope to create a much bigger impact this time, especially in Nairobi.

Also, as mentioned in an earlier post, Love School needs to move so there's a lot of organisation to be done as well.

This trip needs funding support, any amount is welcome and should be sent to NYENDO (purpose: travel costs Susanne Stauch). You can write off this donation from your tax payments.

Thank you very much. Asante sana.

Hi lovely people! Now that the official university project is over, we are entering the next phase of organisational structure and will begin sending you quarterly updates on the project. A lot is happening and we'd be happy if you SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER to keep up to date and continue to support us by spreading the word about our good intentions. Our goal is to set up a brand and produce the designs both in small manufactures here and by the kids in Nairobi, depending on the objects.

Help is needed: I just received the information that the land on which the love school currently operates is now up for sale. That means the school needs to move. That means a massive financial problem. We have given our best to support the school with our design concept, only the sales are very low. We have built quite a community and this time I am addressing this community: you.

Do you know anybody who might be willing to invest a reasonable amount into the school by buying a piece of land? Into our project concept to build a brand and sell our products? Knows organizations with funds we could partner up with?

The NGO Nyendo is the legal structure behind the school which such donations and investments could be run through and I am since recently their project manager.

So all we need now is starting capital to get some amazing work off the ground, including food production and maker spaces.

For more information please pm me.

interesting comment about redefining relationships and decolonisation (français/deutsch).

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Human Centered Design Toolkit for Africa, probably worth looking at!

Great opportunity to suggest the second stage of our project! Who'd be able to participate?

Here is an interview about our project with the founders of the new #edulabs, a side project of the #OpenKnowledgeFoundation. Thank you for your interest!

"... For all the general absence of the regional design schools from Berlin and Potsdam is as irritating as it is regrettable. The only representatives being the Love School project undertaken by Universität der Künste, UdK, Berlin students in cooperation with school children in Nairobi, Kenya. ..."

the last hours of the auction are running, take your chance to support the Love School Kids and receive a design object with a unique story!

We received a lot of great feedback to the concept of the project and the design objects themselves. It was an honor, to be part of #stateofdesign. Thank you Max Borka and Alexandra Klatt for inviting us!

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Just in time for #stateofdesign we massively updated our website with all the information and photos we have. check it out!

The e-book version of our project documentation is available!

We extended the auction until June 4! Don't miss your chance on buying limited edition design objects AND support the kids at Love School. #stateofdesign

After the show is before the show! We are happy to announce our next stage, showing a selection of the project at State of Design, June 1-4, accompanied with a talk by Anna Badur and Susanne Stauch on June 2, 4.30 pm as well as Susanne participating in a panel discussion about the future of design, same day 7-9pm! Thank you Max and Alexandra for having us!

Some impressions from our talk at re:publica today. Thanks again for the mic!

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Tomorrow we talk about the difference of learning and interacting through digital devices compared to hands-on collaboration and real connection in a tangible space. A holistic experience through making, embodied cognition and implicit knowledge vs. traditional, lecture-style teaching of theoretical fragments. Hoping for a lot of VR people to show up!

A beautiful article about our project and current exhibition, published on Pamono with words by Anna Carnick. Thanks!

The auction has already started! Get one of these limited editions design objects AND support a good cause!

We are ready for you folks! Very excited to welcome you tomorrow evening and share our stories and ideas!

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Simplicity! One product, beautiful patterns, great concept.


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Borders are so last century!
Let Antony speak at re:publica in Berlin!


next level tile production

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Very happy to be invited to talk about the project and its future at re:publica in May

So much work to do!

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Day Ten: With the theater play "matatu to the future" and our "house of ideas" maker space we not only attracted the participants and their relatives but quite a big crowd who was interested in our work. A beautiful final day honoring all the love and energy that went into the project, the amazing dedication by the students, kids, teachers, helpers and organisers made this incredibly ambitious project possible. Two weeks of powerful energy lead to creative inspiration, potential, visions and plans for the future. It was a great beginning for all kinds of cooperations, projects and exchanges.

THANK YOU Tonny Karori, Joseph Simiyu, Veronica Nduku, Francis Wangala, Irmgard Wutte & the Nyendo team and Gerald, Danson, Ibrahim, Sammy, Peter, Ken and everybody else for your support, love and spirit. ASANTE SANA. WE WILL COME BACK <3

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Day Nine: Our last day of work with the kids was dominated by finalising the products for the exhibition on saturday, by interviews, feedback, time to hang out and take pictures and many sweet and touching moments. We are all happy and proud of our achievements, the relationships that were created and the love we received. So excited about our grand finale at KYC tomorrow!

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Day Eight: we started very early, having a logistical challenge to master of effectively transporting wood, the clay pieces and the barrel back and forth between 3 different locations, making a more durable rope machine and meeting the ladies from the German Embassy to show them around – they loved it, yeah! With the arrival of the barrel the energy in the Love School courtyard rose even higher, turning into a real maker space. The kids all worked very focused the whole day, cleaning the bottle caps and creating colorful patterns for the production of plastic bowls and our first pressed corrugated sheet! They created beautiful baskets, a volleyball net and started a new roof for more shade. Best part of the story: they own it. They don't need much help anymore, they are inspired and Veronica the headmaster is as well. I would call this a success!

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Day Seven: When we arrived in the morning the kids were already at the rope machines, a wild and excited bunch who couldn't wait to get started (Great, they already don't need us anymore!). The morning was dedicated to finalising the clay bowls, the shade was optimized with rope and appreciated by the little ones. Due to intensive usage of the machines the wires kept breaking and needed a constant fix (room for improvement!). We started on the volleyall net, made all kinds of baskets, more rope, more baskets. Everything turned into jewellery, even the plastic lids. Great relaxed day, starting to feel a routine, getting closer with the kids.

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Day Six: After more than a week of logistics and organisation we finally, finally arrived at Love School, where the teachers and kids welcomed us in excitement and more than ready to start. They were well prepared with cut bags, collected bottle caps and bowls as molds for the clay. We had a touching, lovely day with laughter and happiness that was very energetic and productive. We jointly produced dozens of meters of beautiful rope, repaired school furniture, build a little roof for shade, used up most of the clay. the highlight of the day was the hoop made out of a slice of water bottle and the new rope. So excited to come back tomorrow!

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Good things are happening...

Day Five: The morning started with picking up the Love School Kids and walking through Kawangware to KYC, followed by a little questionnaire about their expectations and dreams. We had a lot of play and clay, the hut finally advanced into 3rd dimension and the barrel got finished and received its baptist firing. The day was finished with a crazy motorcycle bike ride through rush hour into the city center to buy colourful plastic bags.

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Day Four: And the work begins... Early morning introduction with some of the Love School kids was followed by an intense workshop day with first tries in repairing furniture, making clay tiles and ropes from plastic bags and the slow but steady progress on the hut. Now we are looking forward to a weekend excursion to Rift Valley. Stay tuned!

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Day Three: Morning photo session with the kids, hard work to get the foundation screws in the ground, first tests of tiles and fixing furniture as well as serious welding on the multi-purpose oven. Apart from that, hours at the woodshop finding the right beams for the hut.

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Day Two: Warm-up-workshop fixing benches, drilling foundation for the hut and a long day in the car collecting workshop material around the city to finally meet the kids at LOVE SCHOOL in the afternoon!

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Day One: Arrival before sunrise at our hotel "Bora Bora", sweet tea and chapati at the roadside and getting ready for our first meeting at Kangemi Youth School, meeting the kids and finding the right spot for our "hut of ideas".

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Getting ready for our workshop: we are leaving on Monday to Nairobi! Just in time today we received our funding from the German Embassy Nairobi, thank you very much!

very interesting. let's watch it next week.

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one of many goals with this project. It would great if we could present our work on the next conference.

A first glimpse into the project. Currently, a teacher and art therapist is working with the children.

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The participation at the IMPACT week 2016 and a visit of the Love School Center in Kangemi lead to this project concept for my students at University of Arts, Berlin. Thank you everybody for the inspiration!