is a porcelain tea and coffee set that is supposed to call attention on the matter of thoughtless design and consumerism.

When I started to work on the design of an object for the exhibition and the auction I was certain I wanted to make a tea set. But working with the kids in Nairobi’s slum got me thinking what purpose is there in another object such as a tea set. I was confronted with the way that we consume today in our world. Recourses are spent, people get exploited and one object after another gets replaced with an object matching the newest trend. Of cause I saw that the product designer is part of the problem.

So I tried to design a container for liquids that could express my concerns and still could be used as a tea or coffee set.


During this project I gained a lot of social design experience and it came conscious to me that the contemporary designer should question his design and its effects on society.


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