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Starting Point and First Investigations

Starting Point

Many people in Kangemi use candles and
cerosene lamps as a substitude for electric light.

Candles have a warm light color that is pleasantburning-candle
for the eyes but the light is diffuse which makes it hard
to work or read at it.

My original attempt was to experiment together with Stacy and Kevin on ways of improving the light of candles in order to be able to build a lamp, driven by a candle, that could given an improved light when for example reading in the evening.




First Investigations

We started off with first experiments on the change of light in combination with different transparent and reflective materials and water.

For that the kids were supposed to collect materials as glas containers, bottles, can, metal foil and others that they could find around the area of Love School.


Light Experiments Martin, Berlin

img_3183  img_3181  img_3203   img_3208  img_3218 


Light Experiments Stacy and Kevin, Kangemi

img_3419  img_3411  img_3404  img_3377 img_3398  img_3397










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