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Flower – Wired Cable

This is an experiment where I included electrical cables and wires into the rope making process. Through this process the rope is bendable and able to transport electricity – safely. In the pictures you can see a version with a bulb at the end. The rope changes over in to the cover of the bulb holder. I added also a plug and switch. The user is able to form it in any form.


The Lamp Jellyfish consist out of ropes with worked in wires, like copper and silver. The metals, which you can find also in old cables, make the ropes very strong and form-remembering. This object is produced with an classic basket making technique.

Origination Process



Finished Lamp


Rope Experiments

In the beginning of the Loveschool Project, I tried all kinds of different plastic bags to produce ropes. With time the ropes reached a better quality, I was able to expand their length and enhance the production speed, dramatically through the use of electrical engines.







1 cm Stripes, 12m long



Medi Max, 2cm Stripes



Weekday, 2cm Stripes



2 Vegetable Bags, 2cm Stripes



Plastic Bag Modulor, Plastic Bag Kölner Kochhaus, 2cm stripes

Copper wire, 0,4mm




Saturn Bag, 1cm stripes
6m long



Karstadt Bag, 1cm stripes, Sisal, Copperwire
8m long9f911850-9c63-4c0a-85da-41b8b473263b