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Plastics – Team ALPHA & EAGLES

Through this project we wanted to have a deeper look on plastics and its possibilities.

When we started the project we thought of a solutions to solve the problem of pollution.

Well, thats not gonna happen in just 6 month.

Using a classical up-cycling approach we wanted to create things from existing plastic shapes by reassembling them. Soon I realized that possibilities for creativity are narrow and almost exploited to an end.

In order to give the children more challenging tasks and input,  Anna Drewes and I decided to join forces. From than on we concentrated on the process of melting the plastic so that we could achieve  greater freedom for design.

During the Experimental Phase Team Eagles and Alpha worked together. At the end  of the  process stands TANURI.

A oven that can melt and press Bottle Caps in order to create new material.

As we saw the necessity for improvment in roof constructions in the Love School, our plan was to use the material create tiles for roofing that last longer than the metal and can also be used as a quick fix for existing metal constructions.


SINUS is not just a table!

It is a set of pieces that can be used playfully to organize and structure a space.

The complementary parts give possibilities and restrictions in order to explore new ways of usage. Looking at tables from a different perspective, breaking the rules to make space for new ideas.

We love things that fit together. Ever since we put, set, turn, combine, place and sort the things that surround us. SINUS is dedicated to that pleasure.

Two tables, one made of wood and the other made from metal have sinus shaped table tops. They are displayed with complementary forms that fit into each other. Here wood meets metal meets porcelain meets foam meets plastic.

The player of the puzzle is invited to assemble the pieces to his needs and taste.




Is a peace that was created during the research for new methods of mold building in ceramics. Reinterpreting the traditional methods used in ceramics I created a machine that is able to produce flexible and flowing shapes.